Coping with Trauma

  1. Surviving Widowhood: My First Year
    By Sally A. ConnollyA widow recommends ways to speed recovery and improve emotional health after the loss of a loved one. By using talents and interests, the survivor copes with the present and begins moving toward a meaningful future. Read More
    The accident shattered our celebrations. It resulted in blindness and a long recovery period, but through the tragedy we clung to God’s assurance of love and care and were strengthened.
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  3. Stop Hurting: Start Loving
    By Henrietta Elegunde
    Life is a journey with optional destinations, where we end up is up to us. We can either learn from it and heal, or get stuck in pain. Pain cain either push us forward or backward in life. Moving on starts with taking the first step.Read More
  4. Seeing the Revealed Hand of God by Lynda Ventura It’s hard to see beyond the pain in our lives. But just because we don’t see him, it doesn’t mean that God isn’t there working. God reaches His arm out from heaven. He is not a far away God. Through Jesus Christ, God the Father gets up close and personal. He works through our bad situations. Read More
  5. Stop Hurting: Start Loving by Henrietta Elegunde It is essential that we all work on ourselves by learning how to overcome traumatic events . Otherwise they will overcome us with: anxiety, stress, frustration and disappointment. We can learn to use our pain as an emotional tool for a positive change. Read More
  6. Getting Past Stage One – Denial
    by Karla DowningDenial serves an important purpose: it cushions your response to painful events. Just as your body goes into shock when it is injured, preventing you from feeling the pain, you go into emotional shock when you experience things that are too painful to deal with.. Read More
  7. The Day I Buried My Family
    by Tai Ikomi
  8. In a single day, Dr. Tai Ikomi had to bury a husband and 3 children, killed by a drunk driver. On the funeral day, the Lord visited her in an unusual way as she took a step of faith to praise God. Read More
  9. Grief By Shandra WoodwardGrief is a mental and emotional anguish that none of us can avoid no matter how hard we try to. Grief is just as certain as death is! It will most definitely come and none will be exempt because it doesn’t discriminate.  Read More
  10. A Word for the Bereaved by Beatrice Ofwona
    Grieving for those that have left us through death may be healthy. Mourning is even advocated for in the Bible. But those who have known salvation should not overly do this because we have hope of resurrection for those who die in Jesus Christ. If we have not given our lives fully to Christ then we should be worried more for our own death which will end in judgment…Read More
  11. Why Jesus Is the Best Stress Management Therapist By Miriam Kinai
  12. If you have been seeking professional help from psychiatrists, family doctors, psychotherapists, family therapists, financial advisers or social workers, understand that even as you continue following their recommendations, asking Jesus to help you manage your stressful situation is the best thing you will ever do for yourself. This is because Jesus can see it all and heal it all. He can auscultate and heal the pain in your heart that you cannot enunciate. He can palpate and treat the frustration erupting in angry outbursts. He can decipher and doctor the silent scream that is smothering you into depression…Read More
  13. COPING WITH MARITAL INFIDELITY By Mary IsaacsMarital infidelity is the single most important cause of divorce in the world. It happens a lot even among self confessed born again Christians. Learn how to cope.  Read more….
  14. Coping With EpilepsyMany people get scared when they witness somebody having an epileptic fit. Few understand that it is a sickness like any other and attribute it to witchcraft, curses, and devil possession. . Read more
  15. Choose Life. By Cherie Brown Studies have shown that 18 months after the death of a spouse the survivor suffers a chronic disease. Having had her own personal brush with death while mourning the loss of her husband, Cherie made the commitment to live. Her search for hope and permanent relief from the pain and confusion led her to the realization that not only would she live, but she would thrive.   Read more…..
  16. 5 Coping Tips After Being Newly Diagnosed with Illness. By Lisa CopenYou must discover a purpose in the pain that is greater than that which our world will tell you. Don’t ever put life on hold. As the late John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”  Read more..
  17. Illness and Anger: 3 Steps to Avoid the Spiritual Pitfalls. By Lisa Copen          Read more..
  18. Coping effectively with anger will be a challenge we deal with for the rest of our lives.
  19. 5 ways to Create Positive Thoughts to help Relieve Pain.   By Lisa Copen
  20. Coping with chronic pain is possibly one of the most taxing trials most people will deal with in their lifetime. But with just a few changes you can relieve a bit of the pain level and regenerate your joy. Despite not being able to have control over you illness, you can influence your atmosphere. Make it a cheerful one.    Read more..
  21. Please! By Sheri Gordon
    Death of a loved one can be paralyzing. Many Christians try desperately to find the “right words” to help a grieving friend. This grief poem helps well-meaning Christians know what to do, and what not to do. Read more…