5 Ways to Create Clear Positive Thoughts to Help Relieve Pain

By Lisa Copen

If your chronic illness and the pain that accompanies it has got you feeling blue, that’s understandable, but not a place you have to stay. Below are a few suggestions that can help you make fast changes in just a few days to facilitate you to form clear positive thoughts to help relieve pain.

1) Before you head home from the doctor’s office appointment, make a detour and stop at the pet store for a few minutes. Watching the puppies, kittens and even hamsters spinning on their wheels for just twenty minute will give you a fresh outlook on the day. Studies have given us lots of reasons to spend time with pets; they help our overall well-being, decreasing our stress level, improving our quality of health, and even facilitating our healing of surgeries more rapidly. Success has brought about a lot of pet therapy for handicapped people and the elderly and pet owners with chronic and terminal illness become individuals when there is a Fido in the house.

2) Start pulling together a list of your favorite songs. The new ipod shuffle has recently dropped in price to just $50 and it holds 250 songs. This little gadget is the size of a cracker and yet it can change your whole energy level. Studies have revealed that listening to music for even twenty minutes a day can decrease one’s pain level. Researchers have also discover there are beneficial effects of music listening on healing in children. You can find lots of free Christian healing music downloads online too. Collect the songs that give you inspiration, energy, hope, childhood memories, and even a desire to stand up and dance, even if it’s just to mop the floor.

3) Join some kids for video games. Results of study from Wheeling Jesuit University discovered that video games actually have the ability to distract someone’s attention from pain, even children. An organization called Games for Health was recently been formed to build relationships between researchers, medical professionals, and game developers. Here they can share information about how video games will impact technologies even health care and policy. Don’t be surprised if your physical therapist has you playing ten minutes of a Wii game like bowling or tennis.

4) Pick up a coloring book and a one of those huge boxes of crayons with the sharpener in the back. If you haven’t had children in your home, it’s easy to assume that it’s been years since you’ve experienced the delight of a newly sharpened crayon in your fingers. They have coloring books for everything now, or even free downloads online. Some of these include: wedding coloring books, leprechaun coloring book, and even monkey coloring books.

5) Bring some fresh flowers inside the house. Take a hint from royalty and place them in each room, even a bud in a small vase in your bathroom. Fresh flowers blended with fruit and musk can give your kitchen a lift as well as your mood when you are in there. Can’t find any flowers in your yard? What about a weed? A yellow dandelion can still provide you with reprieve from panic, “burnout,” depression, and extreme fatigue.

Coping with chronic pain is possibly one of the most taxing trials most people will deal with in their lifetime. But with just a few changes you can relieve a bit of the pain level and regenerate your joy. Despite not being able to have control over you illness, you can influence your atmosphere. Make it a cheerful one.

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