Walk This Journey With Me Jesus

by lynn gipson

pink for the cure m

Pink for the Cure

I awakened this morning not my usual self. I have an appointment with a radiologist who will more than likely tell me I am about to start radiation for cancer. This insidious thing entered my body several years ago and has stayed too long at my party. At times I have been completely cancer free, then like a thief in the night it creeps back into my body, wreaking havoc on the remaining good cells in my body and turning them bad.

I am tired this morning. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to go through all this again. I just want to be free. I have been a fighter for three years now, and the enemy is hitting back harder and harder like the Joe Frazier of diseases. Jesus, help me. Just give me the strength to win this round. I cannot do this alone. You must fight with me.

The road of life is long with many winding turns. I have chosen the wrong way many times.
The rest of my journey may not be easy and I may have to suffer, but my suffering will be nothing compared to yours. You suffered so I might be forgiven and when my time in this world is over, there will be no more pain or heartache for me. I will one day stand with you in heaven and my body and spirit will be whole again.

Jesus walk the rest of this journey with me. Show me the paths to follow when I reach a turning point, for I am afraid I am at a breaking point.

Walk this journey with me, Jesus.

I am a 61 year cancer survivor just recently become a writer. I write short stories, articles and poems of Christian or Spiitual nature.

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