The Lord’s Visit to Martha

Jesus is knocking at your door

One day, during her quiet time with the Lord, Martha heard Him say, “I will come for lunch at your house next Saturday.”

Martha was known for her entertaining skills. By Saturday twelve o’clock, she had cleaned her house from top to bottom, made a sumptuous lunch and set her dining table with her best dishes.

At twelve thirty there was a knock. “The Lord is early.” Martha thought and went to open the door wearing her best smile. The smile died on her face as soon as she saw the dirty beggar who was usually harassing people at the bus stage.

”Eh, can I have some food. “said the beggar with her furtive smile. “I have not eaten since yesterday, heh heh..”.

“Go away” said Martha. “I am waiting for an important visitor.”

Martha slammed the door and after a few moments she could hear the beggar knocking at her neighbour’s door.

Good riddance.” thought Martha

By one o’clock, it was raining heavily and there was thunder and lightening. Martha heard an urgent knock and went to open the door, an umbrella in her hand. But it was only Mama Sammy who lived in a shanty about a kilometer down the road. She was holding a very dirty Sammy by the hand and was carrying another kid on her back. They were drenched by the rain…

. “Can we shelter here from the rain?” asked mama Sammy. Sammy was looking at her expectantly.

“Not today please, you are all muddy and wet and I am expecting an important visitor. Try next door”.

They left and moments later Martha could hear her neighbour welcoming them. “Yes hurry inside and take off those clothes or you could get pneumonia.” She heard the neighbour say.

“She is welcome to them,” thought Martha.
By three o’clock the rain had ceased. But the Lord had still not come. Martha opened the door to see whether she could

see the Lord anywhere. She could hear sounds of laughter from her neighbour’s house. The crazy lady was singing and dancing as she came out of the house, eating one ripe banana and holding a bunch of others under her armpit. Soon she was followed by Mama Sammy and her children. They were wearing nice dry clothes they must have been given by her neighbour. The bigger child carried a plastic bag full of their wet clothes, while the mother carried a smiling baby on her back and a big plastic bag full of gifts- maybe more clothes and food.

They turned to look at Martha as she watched them leave. She saw their beatific smiles and knew. The Lord had visited her and she had passed Him over to her neighbour..

“ I will tell you the truth. Whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

Matthew 25:45

This article first appeared in the September-October 2009 issue of Woman of Faith magazine.

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