Prayers for a Women’s Fellowship Meeting

By Wangari Murathe
Our Almighty Father in Heaven. You have called us in Jesus name to be your people. And this is why we wish to praise you for your mercy and favor.

We humble ourselves under your mighty hand. Help us to truly pardon all those who have wronged us. Rid us of any bitterness and unforgiving spirit.

We pray that you forgive our sins of both commission and omission, And cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Grant that we become worthy to stand before you.

Lord we pray for increase in our faith. Fill us with knowledge and wisdom. So that we are governed fully by your word. And reflect your will in our lives.

Lord, we pray for continued unity in our fellowship. Help us to find joy and full benefit in being together as Christian women. We pray for strength and will to always act in love, kindness, generosity, humility, patience and forgiveness towards one another. Help us to use our individual gifts and talents for the furtherance of our causes and the glory of your name.

Bless us as we proceed with our meeting today. Be our guide in everything we do. We pray for the fruition of our plans and projects. Help us to work for the good of our church and community.

We want to commit our needs to you Lord. You know them all. We pray that as your children we do not lack of any good thing, especially those that are of lasting value. Help us to be courageous in the face of our difficulties and that you give us strength to encourage others.

We pray for our loved ones; husbands, children, relatives and friends, that you revive them in your ways and show them your will. Lord, help them to walk in your righteousness and resist the snares of the evil one.

Lord, thank you for the family which has hosted us here today. Bless them richly and give them the desires of their hearts.

Father, we thank you for our church leaders. Fill them with your wisdom and righteousness as they guide and minister to us. Provide them with their needs so that they do not lack as they perform their duties.

Our father, we thank you for our country and especially the freedom we have to worship you and fellowship with others. We pray for peace, health and prosperity in our country. Help our national leaders be attentive to your holy wisdom and counsel. Help them to spread your love and not division.

We pray for blessings for all other nations; that they all come to know you. Help all to love and respect others despite their differences.

We pray all this through the name of Jesus who strengthens us and through who everything is possible. AMEN