Prayer of Thanksgiving

By Wangari Murathe

Dear Lord,

I magnify your name O Jehovah El Roi, for you know me by name,

Thank you for this day, it is rainy and cloudy, a promising break from the months of dry weather and food crisis for our nation.

I thank you for all of my blessings:

My life; every breath I take is by your grace. Help me every minute of every day to do your will; and to be kind and thoughtful to others.

My salvation: it gives my life divine purpose. Help me increase faith in you and love for all.

My good health; which gives me energy to enthusiasm to enjoy life and all you have given me. Help me to use my strength to serve

My family: who love and support me. Do not fail you keep them safe and reveal your saving grace to each one of them. I pray that I always shore up their hope in me. Increase in us the happiness that families should enjoy, and help others who live in abuse and mistreatment from those closest to them.

My friends; whose companionship, sharing, humor and advice ease my life’s burdens.  Help that I am always patient and forgiving in my relationships.

My home; where I can enjoy quiet times with you, rest in warmth and belonging, and feel loved. Help that everybody that steps into my home feels joyful and welcome.

My good neighbors; whose strong community spirit increases my comfort and security. Help me to always be there for them; to offer my shoulder and generosity.

My work and mission; which gives me the challenges and opportunities to grow. How I pray that I may lead others to hope and rest in you.

Information everywhere; to make it easier to seek your wisdom, comfort and strength.  I pray that you help me to discern and heed your advice

Food on the table: to give me health and strength to serve you and others. Help me to always do my best to those who have less.

Clothes on my back: to give me protection from the elements, adornment, dignity and definition. May they never detract others from my testimony.  I pray that you help others in want and in the wisdom of determining how best to show off your temple- their bodies.

My country and the beauty of your creation all around me.

Lord you are so good to me. Help me to become more like you.


In Christ’s  Name